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Esorecording - recording studio

is situated in the Zlín’s quiet part of town called Mladcová, where you can feel the peaceful atmosphere. Inside of the studio we are using the latest technology to provide the best acoustics and sound transmission at very reasonable prices. We are able to record not just the music, but also the spoken word or advertising.

The studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment for recording, arranging, sound design and subsequent mastering. We offer facilities for bands, which can be used for both recording and practicing, but also to relax.

One of the advantages of our studio is the possibility to use the studio 24/7. It’s up to the customers how they want to get their recording done. We can also give an advice to young musicians and can also help you to buy recording equipment or music instruments via our partners.












We provide services related to recording, production, and music postproduction. We offer our customers high-quality audio mastering, booklet designs, pressing and burning CDs and DVDs.

We are approaching each project individually and we always make sure to listen to customer's wishes and requirements to achieve the best result. Unfortunately the only thing we cannot provide is magic. Therefore we won’t be able to turn bad artistic performance into great, even if we wanted to.


We believe that with us you will find the right space and sound for your projects.















Our studio team is here for you!

We understand that each project is bit different. Let us know your specific time requirement and how big your budget is and we will make you an offer specially designed for your project. The usual fee is around 4800 CZK including the sound engineer.

Contact us via web form or you can call us on following number

+420 602 72 89 88










Our services include:

Editing, mixing and mastering
Session musicians - guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin, piano, vocalist ... and many more!
Vocal lines
Sound logo
Radio & TV Commercials
Assistance with securing accommodation for foreign clients.
Photography services (in the studio and outside locations)